Have you had your morning cup of coffee yet? If you have, then you’ll probably forget this post soon after you read it (which might be a good thing). But if you haven’t, try and wait until after class to feed caffeine to your system, and you just might have better retention abilities. According to a new study, caffeine intake after reading might have memory-boosting powers. Now, I haven’t actually read this paper; I usually take the shortcut and follow a few great science writers’ blogs like this , this and this (Oops! Sorry, that last one is of farmers posting selfies a.k.a. felfies). I then scout for the latest exposé and write a post like this one. Of course I try to read the original paper when it’s possible, but often even Institutions, let alone grad students, can ill afford subscription to the growing number of journals. That being a whole other rant, I shall come back to the topic.

The debate on the good, the bad and the ugly effects of coffee is bottomless, much like the cup sitting on my desk. A fairly comprehensive list of its magical powers can be found at the end of this article. You can engage with this article where an interesting statistic shows up at the end. The environmental and ecological impacts of coffee farming have also been under scrutiny for long, and we now have more equitable and ‘clean’ options to choose from such as Fair Trade. In the end, like with most other things, moderation is probably ideal. Unless you’re Mark Twain, who believed that “too much good whiskey is barely enough”. Coffee is certainly linked to ecology, but it probably has a lot more to do with ecologists!

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P.S. If you are a tea connoisseur, long-raging debates can be found for that poison too. And if you drink neither, I’m sorry but you may never be a true ecologist.


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Predator-prey behaviour fascinates me enough to cross oceans. I wish I could read like Vicki the 'Small Wonder'. When I take a break from all the paper-reading, I read other things, mostly but not necessarily to do with science. I also wish I could write as much as I read, but clearly there needs to be an equilibrium whose stability I cannot guarantee. Also, I usually need the help of music to get me through all the reading and writing. See a pattern?
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