A quick monthly mixed bag of missed stories/news/pictures/fun – take a look:

– WikiLeaks for wildlife – WildLeaks!

– The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) grew multifold this year; check out the interactive maps to see how many species were spotted in your state (because I know you guys love your states :p) 

– One more joins the Open Access bandwagon; this time it’s the Royal Society of London with a journal on science and mathematics. 

– Does your dog/cat/bird/bunny dance to Backstreet Boys? Check out this fun post on animals getting their groove on, and possible evolutionary reasons!

– Umm.. seriously?! 

– Citizen science to the rescue, again.


About Divya

Predator-prey behaviour fascinates me enough to cross oceans. I wish I could read like Vicki the 'Small Wonder'. When I take a break from all the paper-reading, I read other things, mostly but not necessarily to do with science. I also wish I could write as much as I read, but clearly there needs to be an equilibrium whose stability I cannot guarantee. Also, I usually need the help of music to get me through all the reading and writing. See a pattern?
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One Response to Think-a-link

  1. Pat Cain says:

    Wildleaks, that’s awesome!

    And the US did better than Europe or China, where 1 in 3 people thought the sun revolves around the earth!

    “As alarming as some of those deficits in science knowledge might appear, Americans fared better on several of the questions than similar, but older surveys of their Chinese and European counterparts.”


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