This was last week’s destruction plan for Indonesian island Aru. This is today’s relief, if only today’s.

Bees’ brains more advanced than you think. (A side note: the simple Y-maze setup never ceases to amaze)

What makes the ‘bio-duck’ sound?! Scientists finally have the answer. I guess not all whales say “Woooooooooooaaaaaa!”

Blue-footed boobies having the blues – no fish? a trophic cascade?

The best case of mimicry yet – a vine that mimics whatever host tree species it climbs. And the hypotheses for how it does this are mindboggling!


Slurp! Yummy dead relatives! This proves that crabs are weirdly awesome.

The gentle quiet kiss of death – sailfish don’t always thrash and crash into a sardine school. (A side note on science writing: Contrast with the same story by another writer (one of my favourites) that I think is definitely more complete.)

R-rated, uncensored, funny video of the lives of octopodes. Yes, that is the plural of octopus. Although I think the narrator tries too hard occasionally, he does have such gems as “..they are one hundred percent a-ma-zing” and “clams are stupid”.

Two fangs good, but a hundred legs better.” Snake eats centipede, centipede eats its way out, everyone dies.

Giant rats and hilarious writing!

Wow! I thought this only happened to the saber-toothed squirrel in the movie Ice Age, but wood frogs in Alaska freeze over Winter and thaw in Spring!


Exotic pets, one man’s transformation, tragedy in Ohio, a kangaroo trying to mate with a pig and much more in this wonderful article. It’s amazing that there are places where “You must have a license to own a dog, but you are free to purchase a lion or baboon and keep it as a pet.”

A very cool infographic on women authors of scholarly papers over the years. Check out the subfields for your own area of interest/work!

A simple honest post on non-academic post-PhD plans.


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Predator-prey behaviour fascinates me enough to cross oceans. I wish I could read like Vicki the 'Small Wonder'. When I take a break from all the paper-reading, I read other things, mostly but not necessarily to do with science. I also wish I could write as much as I read, but clearly there needs to be an equilibrium whose stability I cannot guarantee. Also, I usually need the help of music to get me through all the reading and writing. See a pattern?
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    JURN now searches across open access (and otherwise free) ejournals in ecology and related fields…


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