Coursera – online stats course (using R)

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I believe Coursera was mentioned previously on this blog, but it’s worth mentioning again. Coursera is a collection of free online courses. Divya and I are currently taking a course that is an introduction to Python for informatics. I have to say this course, in the least, is very well put together and has certainly made me more excited to use Python, even for things outside of biology. But, I found another course that may interest grad students.

I just found this course on Coursera that focuses on introducing statistics and study design. It starts pretty basic (probabilities and distributions) and then gets into more meaty stuff (regression, bayesian versus hypothesis).

I think it’s a pretty in depth course as it says you’ll need 8-10 hours a week, so I’d take a look at it if you’re interested in statistics and have a light course load this semester.

Even if you’ve already taken a statistics course and you think you’re comfortable these topics, it’s always a good idea to keep practicing. I like to treat statistics (even math, broadly) as a language; if you don’t practice, it will go away. This could be a good (and free!) way to just keep these concepts in your head. And if you’re already competent, it’ll take much less than the 8-10 hours.

If anyone decides to take it, let us know what you think of this particular course in the comments.


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I like discovering things that are non-random. As a biologist, I suppose that's my main job: to find and describe occurrences of non-randomness.
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