Feed readers

Do you spend unnecessarily large amounts of time scouring the internet for interesting articles, news, comics, and other such distractions, like I faithfully do every day? If you are a graduate student, I’m assuming your answer to the above is yes. Read on.

Do you want an easier way to remember to recheck a particular website or get regular feed from it? Many people just bookmark websites they visit a lot, or ‘like’ or ‘follow’ it on social media. Forget all that. This post will reveal to you the brilliance of FEED READERs. If you already use one, skip to the comments section and talk about how amazing it is. If not, then keep reading.

There is way too much information online to keep track of on a regular basis with ease. It cannot be ignored either. A feed reader, essentially an RSS aggregator, is like an online repository that you assemble with all your favourite websites, like NYtimes.com, HuffingtonPost.com, Scientific American, or PhDComics. (Okay, the last one should probably not be on a feed reader, because it is a black hole and entire days could be lost.) Once this is done, instead of opening each website in turn, simply open the feedreader. A neat and tidy list of all new articles from each source will be organised and ready for you to skim through. Read some headlines, and brief summaries, and click the ones that seem worth reading.

A screenshot of my Feedly page

There are many options for feedreaders that are, needless to say, available for phones, tablets and computers. I started with Feedly a few years ago and it is indispensable. Seriously. I will give up BuzzFeed even, but not Feedly. It has only become more popular since Google Reader closed last year. All you need is a Google account, and you’re all set. Check out this article that reviews Feedly and hopefully you’ll want to at least give it a try. This article lists other feed reader options like Digg and NewsBlur.

Try it NOW!!

Side note: What is this RSS thing? More information on RSS here  


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Predator-prey behaviour fascinates me enough to cross oceans. I wish I could read like Vicki the 'Small Wonder'. When I take a break from all the paper-reading, I read other things, mostly but not necessarily to do with science. I also wish I could write as much as I read, but clearly there needs to be an equilibrium whose stability I cannot guarantee. Also, I usually need the help of music to get me through all the reading and writing. See a pattern?
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