“Snark week”

Yes, you read that right. This is not the infamous “Shark Week” by Discovery Channel that spurred cries of foul play and fake programs over the last few years. To catch up on that storm coaster, check out these links;

How Shark Week screws scientists – The Verge

A Shark Scientist Bites Back – Pacific Standard

…and many more

But this year, I found a new kind of protest that’s snarky, sarcastic and full of fun fiction-like facts  – Snark Week brought to you by The Last Word On Nothing.

Brighten up your week with this on your daily feed instead of tuning in to that dumb ol’ television set!

Happy Snarking!


About Divya

Predator-prey behaviour fascinates me enough to cross oceans. I wish I could read like Vicki the 'Small Wonder'. When I take a break from all the paper-reading, I read other things, mostly but not necessarily to do with science. I also wish I could write as much as I read, but clearly there needs to be an equilibrium whose stability I cannot guarantee. Also, I usually need the help of music to get me through all the reading and writing. See a pattern?
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