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I like discovering things that are non-random. I'm fascinated when my dog remembers how to do a trick after a year of not doing that particular trick, or when I know to wear a jacket tomorrow when it's warm and windy today. As a biologist, I suppose that's my main job: to find and describe occurrences of non-randomness.

What’s the point of a professor? NYTimes article

Thought this was an interesting read. Two things that stand out to me: 1. The rate of receiving an “A” is 43%, making it the most common grade. 2. Students and professors don’t talk to each other anymore, outside of … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence

Please read this because I’d like to talk about it with someone. I know it’s super long but it’s easy to read and full of crazy mind-bending stuff. Trust me, you’ll like it. Like this figure: Or these quotes: “AI has by … Continue reading

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What is the value ($) of a bee? A bat? A mangrove?

Want to keep nature from disappearing? Some say you must put a monetary value on it in order to convince those who don’t think the intrinsic value of nature is enough to consider it “worth” anything. What if that part of nature … Continue reading

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Must see: The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group

I came across this site somehow trying to figure out how to use Lagrange. Simply stunning. Right up there with peep research.

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Frequentist-Bayesian “debate” NYTimes article

Here’s an article from a few weeks ago about frequentist and Bayesian techniques in the New York Times. Have a read and let us know what you think in the comments. This blog, Simply Statistics, has quite a few good … Continue reading

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More hypothesis testing fun

Divya just let me know about this article in Nautilus by Carl Zimmer. The article mainly focuses on why we cannot ever rule out the possibility of there being a Bigfoot, yeti, and other such organisms. Zimmer also mentions some history of … Continue reading

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Coursera – online stats course (using R)

I believe Coursera was mentioned previously on this blog, but it’s worth mentioning again. Coursera is a collection of free online courses. Divya and I are currently taking a course that is an introduction to Python for informatics. I have … Continue reading

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